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COVID-19 how it affects us and what we do…

We are still available for work and are providing our services for customers. We will at all times ensure we maintain a 2metre  distance from our customers. We will ensure that we sanitise our hands and only touch what we need to in your property to complete the required works.  We can only work in properties where none of the inhabitants have any symptoms of the virus such as fever, coughs, aching limbs etc.

Did you know that your domestic wiring should be inspected and tested every 10 years?

A dwelling should have it’s electrical installation checked whenever there is a change of occupier.

A complete test and inspection of an average domestic installation takes around 1 day to complete. At the end of the inspection you are given a Periodic Inspection form which will outline exactly the condition of the installation and inform you of any improvements required. This is an extremely useful thing to have if you are thinking of moving house.

The regulations state that anyone completing an inspection and test of an installation should be ‘competent’.

Holders of the C&G2391 certificate have completed a 5 day course with a practical and written exam. What better way to prove competence!

All test meters have to be calibrated once a year to check accuracy. Each meter will have a calibration certificate which you have every right to see.

The Periodic Inspection form duly completed and signed by a competent person is your proof that a dwellings electrical systems have been checked and comply with the electrical regulations in force when the installation was completed. As long as an installation is safe there is no requirement to update it to the latest edition.

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